History of Alexandrie

On March 31, 1908, the small group of founders, who was selected by “le Coeur de Jesus” (Heart of Jesus), landed in Alexandria; and on the following day they were going to Ramleh, a suburb in Alexandria, to visit the house intended for them. Two pretty lions made of marble, of which a copy is at Canova, are located at each side of the steps. At the interior there is a monarchal corridor goes through the entire house; decorated with cases as if they were waiting for the statue of our protective saints. There is a delightful scene of a beautiful garden with exotic plants, palm trees, jacarandas with blue flowers, and magnificent colors. Windows are overlooking the Mediterranean where the breeze gives the Mothers of Cairo some force which was gone due to the hot climate of Egypt during a few years, without the stay which our new building will help refreshing them.


Not having solved the problems faced while launching a boarding school has been at least a joy for Ramleh to open its doors for works. First of these was making tabernacles which never stopped even during the war. Private lessons allowed the sisters a small apostolate and during the vacation they could shelter some boarders. In 1922, with the persistent impossibility of opening a boarding school, the small community leaves Ramleh which should remain as a resort for holidays for the two houses of Egypt.


Thirty years later the building was launched as a kindergarten.  The Apostolic Vicar of Egypt, Mgr Cayer, who was in charge of finding out the number of children who could not find a place in the religious establishments, requested the Sacred Heart sisters to start a day school in the building used for holidays; and this was in reply to some passionate wishes. The day school was open for the very young children in October 1952, and it will hopefully expand year after year with the glory of Jesus’ heart.