Our Mission in Upper Egypt

We have been in Upper Egypt since 1966 when we founded our first home at Samalout. Then we have positioned ourselves in five other villages, but due to the decrease in number of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (rscj) we had to close two of them lately.

We work in the field of formal education as well as in education at large.

In the field of formal education, we own the following:

  • A school: Kindergarten, Primary, Preparatory, mixed and paid, with 560 students.
  • Two nurseries in our villages

We also work in three other schools in collaboration with the Association of Upper Egypt or with the Coptic Patriarch.

In the field of education at large

Our educational mission is mainly targeting the poor in three specific domains:

  • Training for faith and the activities related to the parish.
  • Training of women who suffer in Egypt from certain negative social conditions. The percentage of illiterate women in the rural area reaches 80%. This is due to: the poverty which regards girls’ education as a luxury – lack of places in the schools in light of the developing demography.

In our centers, young girls receive courses of human and religious training, literacy, cutting and sewing. These centers also offer them a possibility of earning money through participating in a job related to their training field.

  • Health: we had four dispensaries in Upper Egypt, two of which had to be closed.

The one at Samalout specialized in treating burns. People had to travel almost 100 km to get treatment, most of those were usually in a desperate state.  Some of them burn themselves in order to escape from their painful life.

But we obtain remarkable results thanks to a local plant cultivated in our garden.

We also receive those suffering from skin diseases, due to lack of hygiene, once a week.

This dispensary is functioning thanks to the donations received.


Our field of mission is immense and very rich, yet we are unable to meet more needs, nor support and continue all our works we have had todate, due to our limitations: decrease in number and ageing of sisters who are in key positions, and insufficiency of vocations that are capable of replacing them in the schools.

Availing a choice of works that attain the community’s educational aim should be a priority, together with a preferential option towards the poor.

This requires that we seek together what would make us disciples, because despite our small number and our poverty, we have in turn to continue the mission that Jesus assigned his disciples with: Go ye, teach all nations……

The big house established in summer 1906 did not accept half boarders except around 1918. The boarders were suppressed in 1956, and the half board in 1974. The Sacred Heart school is now a day school, called College.

The educational project of the College is inspired from the pedagogy aspired by Ste Madeleine-Sophie for providing the students with a complete training: religious, moral, human, intellectual and social; all this in a great familial atmosphere and a climate of joy and cooperation.

The conclusion of this educational task is to give each one the chance of being aware of the truth, the love and the freedom, of finding in Faith the sense of life and sacrifice for others.

Special attention is to be given to:

  • Teaching French, favoring the precise thinking, the opening of the spirit and the knowledge of another culture.
  • Social training, in order to develop a spirit of solidarity and openness to the unloved.