general1The Sacred Heart Community is an international apostolic congregation which was founded in Paris in the year 1800 by St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, who was born in France in 1779. She launched the first school in Amiens to renew the Faith and spread the love of God through educating the youth, at the time when the French revolution has weakened the values of Faith.

She was a woman who regarded the girls’ education as an essential element for establishing the civil society based on Faith, love of others, personal responsibility and the sense of duty.

Thus she held the responsibility of reconstructing the French community through opening schools where young girls will receive a culture and a sense of social responsibilities in a concrete religious training, which was rare for women at that time.

She was heading the Community until she passed away in 1865, leaving 122 houses in 16 countries.

The Community has quickly spread through the world, where there were around 2200 sisters in about forty countries.

The 16th General Superior is American, Mother Kathleen Conan, who lives in Rome.

Superiors General of the Society of the Sacred Heart

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