History of Bayadeya


The project of setting up a community of the Sacred Heart at Bayadeya was created under the influence of Maitre Amin Fahim, President of the Association of the Schools of Upper Egypt, and of Mother Medina, at the end of her provincial service, as she wished to live in Upper Egypt.

This Christian village has been chosen because it was very poor and was neglected by the government: it was a good start regarding electricity; however houses did not have current water, 95% of inhabitants were illiterate… a school has been established by Father Ayrout.

During six months, the four sisters who lived at Abou Korkas house used to travel by train daily to visit their families, and they were all receiving good help from young people and priests from the parish. The information they gathered convinced them of the urgency of educating people, by starting with the girls among whom there were one or two only who was familiar with the school.

On November 21, 1980, the sisters settled in a house in the middle of the fields, where provision of water and electricity was very primitive… they started by opening a school which catered for 200 children. Literacy, artwork and human behavior courses were conducted in the community’s lodging.