History of Abou Korkas School

aboukorkasaboukorkas2The Association of Upper Egypt owned a house for a series of workshops for technical training of farmers. They have asked the sisters of Notre Dame des Apôtres to set up a school which they had in Fekreya. In 1972 the sisters asked the Sacred Heart to replace them.

In March 1972, Srs Schiaffino and Celeste Khayat came to get acquainted with the house while the sisters of Notre Dame des Apôtres were still there.

Later on, Srs Cabrera, Iskandar, Rivero, Cotillaset Callis came from Beni Ebeid.

In September 1972, the school started under our management.

Notre Dame des Apôtres left the Fekreya dispensary also; it was the sisters of Beni Ebeid who served there at the time of the establishment uptill 1977, when it has been returned to the house of Abou Korkas.

In 1975, Sr Brigitte Cowen started a dispensary at Abou Korkas, and Sr Rivero started a workshop.